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So how does a company generate a monthly ROI of up to 40% trading an altcoin only its affiliates are interested in. If you could legitimately make enough of a ROI to hit HYIP territory, you’d still be better off investing and reinvesting your money and keeping quiet. rich Check the rich list and you will see that there are a lot of adresses with exactly 2000 BCC on it. just wondering if this company is capable of doing anything to change your mind about their validity. #30 #31 #32 #33 It seems like your argument relies on the fact that the people behind these companies use anonymity to pump, dump, and get away with the profits. I spoke with CoinTracker founder and CEO Dario Kachel to learn more about this program. At the time of writing this there is only 25BTC worth of buying orders on outside exchanges. That doesn’t sound like the actions of a typical ponzi scheme where they don’t give a fk about the investors. Think of it this way, the trading bots are your personnel 24/7 traders playing with the Bitcoin we sold to buy Bitconnet money, so every day you could receive a % of the profit the trading bots earn. A little long, Sorry, but I hate to see people getting duped and then end up being used as a tool to duping others. Would you even want that sort of return not knowing you are making 5% This is why all of these HYIP sites that say they invest on other things such as forex or any other high risk return device never really invest it it. #25 I was wondering why my comments are being deleted. When a pre-mined altcoin has no real world application and is bundled with a recruitment driven MLM compensation plan, it’s clearly a pump and dump scheme.

The higher the volatility, the more uncertainty is attached to the expected return on your investment. I haven’t got no luck for online investments as I lost some money with previous ponzi schemes. The loan isn’t for a certain amount of bitconnect, no, its for a certain DOLLAR amount of bitconnect. #14 Why would a lender want 2% on their money while you gain 5%. unless you think they’ll just send actors to these expos to attempt to fool everyone. Not sure why your scared they have a business site in Vietnam and are opening one now in Indonesia i think that’s where it is. (See How Cryptocurrency Investors Can Avert IRS Attack). When BitConnect affiliate recruitment inevitably dies down BCC will crash. Expect other US states to follow suit, esp. co/roadmap bottom line, if anyone tells you to invest in the awesome bitconnect trading bot/lending platform, tell them to invest in a shotgun instead and shoot their brains out cause theyre not using it anyway. BitConnect can throw generated BitConnect Coins around at will, but the company can’t produce a monthly ROI in USD to pay affiliates with. That’s done non-publicly through the bullshit lending (Ponzi ROI) platform. The end-result is a scamcoin that if people actually tried to sell would collapse.

#74 Which means the fraudsters will have his money for another nine months before he is in profit. I can assure you they also trickle feed some of these coins to outside exchanges, to sell off for BTC which they are completely entitled too. All I can say is everyone has there own opinion take a risk in life try it out start low, don’t invest money that you cant afford to lose.Ethos.
. #1 BitConnect is the world-wide community. Not trying to be argumentative just wondering if this company is capable of doing anything to change your mind about their validity. Report it as taxable income when accepted if you can determine it’s value. You can insist otherwise all you want, real money is handed over to the BCC admins for BCC tokens/coins – public trading is negligible coin accounting software. #9 I was praying this wasn’t too good to be true, ALWAYS is. I figured, if they dont do shit with the BCC that I lent them, where the fuck do those new BCC come from. But you conveniently skipped over this because it exposes a very big hole in your arguments. They can not dump it even if they wanted to. .ICON.


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